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Do players need to attend more than one tryout?

If your team offers more than one tryout, the league highly encourages players to attend all tryouts. 

What is the cost for pre-clinic tryouts and tryouts?

Each session is $25 if a player pre-registers online. 

Are walk-ups welcome for pre-tryouts clinics and tryouts?

Yes, walk-ups are welcome for all sessions. The cost will be $30 at the door. Only cash and check will be accepted at the door. 

Is there a fitting event for the equipment?

Yes, a fitting event will be posted directly following tryouts. 

How many practices does a team have?

Each team will have 2 practices a week

When do practice start?

Practices start the week of September 3rd.

When do regular season games start?

Games are projected to start the 3rd weekend in September. 

Does the league schedule pre-season games?


How many referees do you have per game?

The league uses a 4 man system: 2 referees and 2 linesmen

How many games does each team play?

The league will schedule a 16 game schedule plus playoffs. 

What is the registration cost?

There will be an early bird pricing. $2850 for players who pay in full and $2950 for payment plan. Both are subject to different deadlines. Deadlines are TBA.  

Does the league handle any concussion testing?

Yes, the league has a partnership with Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. There will be a baseline concussion test for all players. Date: TBD. 

Does the league schedule EMT's to attend games?

The League schedules a CHLA certified professional athletic trainer to attend every game. 

Do you provide a broadcasting of the games?

The league has partnered with Black Dog Enterprises who  webcasts of all LAKHSHL regular season and playoff games. 

Does the league help with any promotion for the teams?

The league has the top plays air on Fox Sports West and during the LA Kings games. Scores are announced in arena at the LA Kings home games and on radio broadcasting. The league provides each team with a team banner for their home rink and a fundraising package. 

Who do I contact about having my school form a team?

Please contact

My child is in 8th grade, will he be able to tryout for the High School League?

8th graders are permitted to play in the JV division only.  

Why does the league not provide someone to sing the National Anthem at each game?

This is something each team is more than welcome to do for Home Games. Ideally, a student, from one of the players schools, should be singing the National Anthem.  

When are tryouts?

Tryouts are held in the Spring 

When will the tryout schedule be released?


Who schedules League games?

The LA Kings High School League schedules all League games

How does the league communicate information to teams?

The league sends out a weekly newsletter to the coaching staff and managers. There is another newsletter sent out to the entire league once a month. The league will also schedule a parent meeting during the regular season (dates TBD). All information can always be found on the website (