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Mission Statement

Opening/Mission Statement:
The LA Kings High School Hockey League is designed to continue the growth of ice hockey in Southern California and directly connect the sport to local communities and high schools. 

Commissioner Statement:
The League takes pride in the discipline, structure and passion needed to produce a successful team. Our high School Hockey League will strive to help communicate and incorporate these same characteristics into the framework of the league, stressing the concept of an honest work ethic combined with a team-first attitude. We will provide leadership for our scholar athletes to learn, practice and use these concepts to become better teammates, students and of course take this model for success with them long after they have left high school. Hockey is a sport involving unselfish sacrifices and high level passion and when combined with the passion of high school athletics, we feel this is the perfect match for the Los Angeles Kings. - Jim Fox, March 2015

League Overview:

Welcome to the LA Kings High School Hockey League! The League is designed after all High School sports models. Within the League, there are Junior Varsity and Varsity programs at most rinks throughout Los Angeles County, Kern County, and Santa Barbara County. The league is compiled of district teams and pure teams. District teams are made of the athletes who live within the designated district (click here to reference District Teams). Pure teams are made up of athletes all from the same High School. The registration for the league covers the cost of practices, games, coaching fees, scorekeepers, certified CHLA professional athletic trainer and referees for each game. For the first three years a team is within the LA Kings HS Hockey League, all athletes will have gear sponsored for them. The sponsored gear includes gloves, helmet, home & away jerseys, pant shell, game socks, practice jersey, equipment bag, and team jacket. After the three year mark, the players will receive home & away jerseys, pant shell, and game socks but must pay for the remaining items. For more information regarding the league, please click here to reference the Rules tab.